Terms of Sale

1.1. The owner of the Infigo online store (hereinafter the Online Store) is Infigo OÜ (registration code 11709718), located at Narva mnt 7D / 2k., Tallinn, Estonia.

1.2. These terms of use regulate the legal relations between Infigo OÜ (Seller) and the person who made the purchase (Buyer) when buying and selling in the Online Store.

1.3. In addition to these terms and conditions, the laws of the Republic of Estonia regulate the legal relationships arising from the distribution of products through the e-shop.

1.4. The seller can change the terms of use of the e-store and the prices of products and services. Changes will be notified in the e-shop environment. The conditions and prices valid at the time of the transaction are applied to the transaction.

2.1. Information about the product is provided in the Webshop directly next to the product.

2.2. The prices of the products are indicated in the Webshop next to the products. The price includes a fee for delivering the goods, unless otherwise stated when paying for the goods. The fee for the delivery of the goods depends on the location of the Buyer and the method of delivery. The delivery fee is displayed to the Buyer when completing the order.

3.1. To order the goods, you must add the desired products to the shopping cart. To complete the order, you must fill in the required data fields and select the appropriate method of product delivery.

3.2. It is possible to change products and quantities in the shopping cart and to remove products from the shopping cart until the product is paid for.

3.3. When completing the order, the final price is displayed on the screen, which can be paid using a bank link or other payment solution.

3.4. The contract enters into force from the receipt of the amount to be paid to the current account of the Online Store.

3.5. The Seller sends the order confirmation notification to the Buyer's e-mail address. If the letter is not found in the mailbox, please check that the letter has not accidentally entered the spam folder.

3.6. The seller has the right to withdraw from the contract if the ordered goods cannot be delivered due to the end of the goods or for some other reason. The Seller informs the Buyer about this as soon as possible and returns all payments received for the ordered goods (including the costs of delivering the goods) without delay, but no later than within 14 days of sending the notice.

4.1. The Buyer pays 100% in advance for purchases made in the online store.

4.2. Orders can be paid for using online store payment solutions.

4.3. Payment takes place outside the e-shop in a secure environment. The seller does not have access to the buyer's bank and credit card data.

5.1. The private buyer has the right to withdraw from the transaction within 14 calendar days by submitting a written withdrawal from the purchase of goods to the Seller, which is located on the website of the e-commerce association and which contains the following information:

- First and last name
- Contact phone
- E-mail address
- Address
- Bank account details
- Date of submission of the order
- Date of receiving the item
- Name of the item to be returned
- Product serial number
- Item purchase invoice number
- Reason for return

5.2. The request for withdrawal from the purchase of the goods must be sent by the private buyer to the e-mail address infigo@infigo.ee or to the address Narva mnt 7D / 2k., Tallinn no later than 14 calendar days after receiving the goods. The Seller confirms receipt of the withdrawal statement with a notification sent to the Buyer.

5.3. The returned product must include all purchase documentation. Labels attached to the goods and items installed to protect the condition of the goods (e.g. protective films, moisture collectors, plastic wraps, etc.), which do not prevent the goods from being tried on and examined, must not be removed when the goods are returned.

6.1. The Seller is responsible for the non-compliance of the goods sold to the Buyer with the contract conditions or a defect that already existed at the time of handing over the thing and which appears within two years, from the handing over of the goods to the Buyer, within the first six months of the handing over of the thing to the Buyer, it is assumed that the defect was already present at the time of the handing over of the thing. It is the responsibility of the Seller to refute the relevant assumption. The Seller is not responsible for defects that have occurred after the goods have been handed over to the Buyer.

6.2. Upon discovery of product non-compliance or product defects, the Buyer undertakes to notify the Seller immediately, but no later than within 2 months of learning of the non-compliance, by sending the relevant information to the e-mail address infigo@infigo.ee or in writing to the address Narva mnt 7D / 2k., Tallinn.

6.3. In case of product non-compliance or defect, the Buyer has the right to demand repair or replacement of the product with a product that meets the requirements and is free of defects, or to return the product at the Seller's expense.

7.1. The responsible processor of personal data is Infigo OÜ (register code [company register code]), located at Narva mnt 7D / 2k., Tallinn.

7.2. When processing personal data, the laws of Estonia and the European Union are followed.

7.3. The controller collects the following personal data: name, phone number, address, e-mail address, bank details. The data is only used to process the order and send the goods to the Buyer. The seller forwards personal data to the company providing the transport service