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Paper bags

Paper bags with and without handles, with the customer’s logo. Overprinting from one color to photo printing (CMYK). It is no longer the case that the cheapest printed paper bags are only printed in one color. Since more and more such products are made with digital technology, the price is the same both when using one color and when printing with many colors. In addition, with this technique, it is no longer necessary to order printing plates as an additional cost. The print preparation process is also simple, fast and affordable. Many of them are made from partially or fully recycled raw materials – so they are environmentally friendly packaging in every way.

The selection we offer includes paper bags with a very different appearance, presentation and purpose of use:

Paper bags with flat paper handles – are made of kraft paper. They are the most affordable type of shopping bags. With a fairly large carrying capacity, at the same time with a slightly bulky and simpler appearance. Perfect for bringing home larger quantities of goods from the store.

Paper bags with twisted paper handles – also made from kraft paper. They are a little more pretentious in appearance than the bags with flat handle bags mentioned above. They are used in a wide variety of fields, from pet stores to cosmetic stores.

Rope handle paper bags are the elite products in this field – the most luxurious and presentable looking packaging. Apart from kraft paper, they are also made from various coated and laminated papers. From the usual rope or string handles, they can also be produced with handles made of satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, etc. The overprint made can be emphasized by special treatment of the paper surface, such as: embossing, debossing, hot foil, UV varnish, etc. Naturally, such bags can be produced in different shapes and looks.

The selection of paper bags without handles is also very extensive. From thin-walled bags with or without windows for packaging bakery products, to multi-layered bags of barbecue coal or building mixes. Many grocery and pastry bags come with a clear window. In more and more cases, transparent special paper is also used for the window. Get in touch and we will find the right solution for you!